Melissa Harris Piano Studio, Cape Cod - ABOUT ADULT LEARNERS - Sandwich, MA
  Melissa Harris Piano Studio, Cape Cod - Center for Adult & Senior Music Education

"I have learned there lies dormant in the souls of all men a penchant for some particular musical instrument, and an unsuspected yearning to learn to play on it, that are bound to wake up and demand attention someday."     Mark Twain 

Regardless of age, learning music can be a life-altering experience, helping to bring harmony to mind, body and spirit.  As children, we were naturally musical, singing and dancing, creating our own songs.  Unfortunately, many of us lost touch with this part of ourselves. 

It is possible for you to rediscover your own musicality and enjoy each of the journey

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I too old to learn?  
Not only are you capable of learning, recent studies prove significant health benefits
 for adults who learn music.  Our students range in age from 29 to 89!
What is most challenging for adults?
Adults are oftentimes overly self-critical, though they are rarely so critical of others.  Music lessons offer a great opportunity for students to begin to recognize this tendency -- and learn to let go of it. 

Do I have to play in recitals?
Of course not!    All students are invited to the socials and some choose to play regularly.  
How much time will I need to devote to practice?
We'll choose music that appeals to you so practicing will be enjoyable.  There won't be a focus on time commitment.  Rather, we will set weekly goals and realistic means for achieving them.