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Beginner? How To ACE Notes Quickly!

Here is an easy, effective, fast way to learn all the notes of the grand staff. I created this approach a few years ago, and I can’t believe it didn’t occur to me sooner.

Step 1: Practice Navigating the Piano Keyboard

If you’re playing on a standard 88-key piano, you will find there are eight C’s, from bottom to top.

  • PRACTICE finding the following keys, until it’s easy for you.

Note: If you’re playing on a keyboard with fewer than 88 keys, you’ill want to refer to your user manual to determine where middle C is. It may – or may not – be in the middle. In any case, it will be labeled “C4.”

Step 2: Intro to the Grand Staff (Bass Clef + Treble Clef)

Treble Clef

  • Contains notes played by the Right Hand (RH)

  • Includes all the notes above, or to the right of, C4

Bass Clef

  • Contains notes played by the Left Hand (LH)

  • Includes all the notes below, or to the left of, C4

Step 3: Identify Middle C (C4)

First, identify Middle C. This is the “Central Axis” of the Grand Staff, the mid-point. Middle C (C4) has a single line that intersects the notehead.

Here is Middle C (C4) notated for the Right Hand (RH).

Here is the same note Middle C (C4) notated for the Left Hand (LH)

Step 4: Practice finding all the ACE keys on your piano.

Step 5: ACE all your notes in a week– or less!

Think of the piano as a home with a main floor in the middle (C4), an upstairs (C5) and attic (C6) above, a downstairs (C3) and basement (C2) below.

  • HOW TO PRACTICE finding all these notes on your piano.

    • Use your pointer fingers (finger #2) to play only one note at a time.

    • Use the RH 2nd finger to play the notes in the Treble Clef (right side of the piano)

    • Use the LH 2nd finger to play single notes in the Bass Clef (left side of the piano)

Once you can find all these ACE notes, you’ll be ready to easily discover all the other notes of the grand staff using any of the traditional lesson books or music learning apps. Best wishes to you!

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Aug 14, 2023

This works like a charm!

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