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1.  Be kind.  To ourselves.  It's easy to be kind to others.  We learned that a long, long time ago, way back when we were children.  How come no one taught us to speak kindly to ourselves, even when using that little inner voice, especially when using that little inner voice?    Being kind to ourselves is particularly effective while practicing.  Because, of course, no one wants to be scolded or insulted or humiliated, even if self-inflicted.  Especially if self-inflicted.  

2.  Listen.  To yourself.  Really listen.  To your music.  If you're not hearing MUSIC come from the piano, then stop practicing.  Because what you practice is what you will come to play, of course, and it should be musical from the get-go.  Even if only in little snippets.  (We'll call them motives.)

3.  Enjoy.  Yourself.  This is the SECRET to enjoying practice time.  That is, enjoying time with your kind self.  Sincerely listen, please, to what your musical self has to say, whether only to yourself or to all the world.

4.  Enjoy.  Your piano.  Your piano is a very dear, absolutely loyal friend.  You will never "master" the piano, any more than you will master all your own frailties.  You can only love your piano as yourself.

5.  Love.  Yourself, People, Nature, Beauty, All Things Good.  Love fully.  Then you can be truly open to the wonder that is music.

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