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Lessons from the Road

Christmas, MI

I’ve been traveling virtually with Patty and Paul in the RV the last couple of weeks. Tomorrow we’ll reach our next destination, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Weather’s supposed to be better there, sunny and crisp. We’re currently headed towards the Big Mac, not as in burger, but rather the Mackinac Bridge. This is what connects the Upper Peninsula to the mainland. Ok, so I won’t actually get to cross the bridge when we come to it because we won’t be together again until our lesson next Thursday. That part of the story is a little disappointing for me.

Here’s a photo of the RV where Paul is patiently waiting while Patty is sitting in the driver’s seat of the SUV, studying up on the Circle of 5ths with me. This week we delved into the cycle of minor keys. Admittedly, we had to cut our lesson a few minutes short because we were a little past check-out time.

One truly handy thing about modern piano theory lessons at the campground is that Patty didn’t need to pack any music books or journals because I can share information with her via text messages, allowing us to keep everything in one handy spot for reference during the week. Long treks down the highway afford plenty of time for reviewing concepts. Text messages are also handy for sending travel photos, of course. If I had to wait for postcards to arrive showing me where we’ve been, imagine how hard that would be for me.

As far as I know, my next virtual vacation will be with Karen and David. They’ll be packing up the prize winning pups along with the digital keyboard and heading to sunny shores of TBA. Should be fun. I’ll keep you posted.

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