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The Road to Music

It’s always ideal to learn music with help from a qualified teacher.  But for lots of reasons this isn’t always possible.  Roughly half of the adult students I’ve had through the years tried to learn on their own before coming here.  Usually these students apologize at their first lesson for knowing so little about the piano.  It seems they feel they should have a certain level of knowledge before starting lessons, which I find kind of funny.   Kids would never think that way.  

Realizing that there are many reasons why adults might choose to direct their own learning, not the least of which is the sheer number of resources available to them today over the internet, it’s really not surprising that they’ve tried on their own, especially with lots of promises from online learning sites that promise fast, easy success.  That sounds far better than a promise of long hours of solitary practice.

Unfortunately, most adults discover learning music is far more difficult than many of these sites admit to.  What’s at issue is the promise of immediate results.  Adult students truly don’t mind  practicing.  As a matter of fact, they enjoy practice, if they’re getting somewhere with it.  After all, they are drawn to the idea of MAKING music!  But if they fail to achieve the results promised, they often feel it’s somehow their fault.  So, the road to music is often paved with broken promises and abandoned dreams. What adult students can come to realize is it’s really not so hard to start from scratch or just pick up from where one left off.  There’s no need for all the regrets.  Today is a new day and it’s time to get going!

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